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Staying Married God’s Way

Changing The World One Marriage At A Time

Couples' Program
Our Mission

To help couples understand and honor their vows as they reach their destiny in Christ together.

We started the Staying Married God’s Way,SMGW couples’ ministry in 2005 out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. It  is our goal to help you see the beauty in your marriage, experience the happiness in  commitment and enjoy the passion in love. We are excited about the future because we  know that if we keep God first all of our heart’s desires will be added unto us.  Thank  you  for you interest in SMGW and may God bless you.


With support from people like you, we offer seminars, date nights, and retreats free or  for a nominal fee.  


We believe that strong marriages have:

* Great friendships between husband and wife

* A spiritual foundation

* Experience romance and passion on a regular basis

* Achieve financial goals by developing a family vision


        Private Counseling * Mentorship * Intimacy Coaching * Referrals


Contact us for more information  

Salt Covenant

Salt Covenant

Rev. and Mrs. Dupree

SMGW Couples' Retreat Bonding Exercise

2013 SMGW Couples Retreat, Recommitment Ceremony

2013 Lover's Ball

2006 Date Night

Lover's Ball

Hilton Head Island 2006

Deacon and Evangelist Newson

It's a night for married lovers. Get

Westin Perimeter Atlanta February 14, 2016 5pm - 10pm It's a night for married lovers. Get ready for a night to remember with the one you love. You will enjoy live entertainment, a delicious meal, dancing, and much more! If you were looking for a special evening to celebrate Valentine's Day, you don't have to look any further because you don't want to miss this event!

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